BONFIRE concurso internacional de arquitectura

Mi amigo Luis Othón me manda esta información para un concurso de arquitectura interesante:
















Bonfire Competition objective is:
To construct and combust a fire at Orkney’s festivities.
To use fire as that which sustains – a unique combination of constructed order and combustible disorder: Conception vs. Destruction.
To be cognizant of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, reinforcing the intrinsic link between entropy and architecture.
To take into account the chief principals: Scale, Multiple levels of intensity and materials.
To consider the history, culture and uniqueness of the Orkney Islands, their location at the top of the world – a place of alternating midnight suns and reigning darkness – lending special meaning to fire from the beginnings of the Orkney civilization to the present.
To go through the process of building a fire, to building a building with and for fire and all of its attendant meanings and myths.
To honor the fire that burns in your mind recognizing that death is an endless birth.

Todos los detalles aquí

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Autor: Adolfo Peña Iguarán

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